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Python / Scala / AWS

Our client manages an anti-fraud solution for Carrier Mobile Money solution. Fraud patterns have been developed by Data Scientists with Python and AWS Redshift. With the success of this product, the team needs a Data Engineer to assist them in the manage of Mobile Money transactions and account respecting those main objectives :

‣ Unit test

‣ Data security

‣ GRPD compliance

‣ Data quality

‣ Workflow management

‣ Scalability

‣ Performance

The team is currently working on new data modelisation architecture in order to improve the efficiency of the fraud solution and need the support of a Data Engineer to challenge this structure and to automate all processing with the useful technology to achieve scalability and performance for the coming years. The team has started to look at Apache Spark and Airflow to manage the workflow and the Data Processing. For now, the project is receiving data on a daily basis, but in the long term vision, we want to be able to process data in realtime to have a realtime Machine Learning solution. The architectural success of this project will be the foundation of all the data projects of Evina.

Main Requirements:

  • Python, Scala
  • AWS S3 , Redshift
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Airflow
  • Kafka,Kinesis

We will love you even more if:

  • You contribute actively to the community
  • You organize or promote local meetups and coding events and you are involved with the local community of developers.


  • Competitive compensation package
  • Remote work & flexible working hours
  • Hardware of your choice
  • Sponsorship for top-tier international conferences and seminars

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