Mid Fullstack Developer - Hexis Technology Hub

PHP / Laravel / Redis / SQL

You will be part of a team that handles more than 25 million transactions per day on all products used by its customers. The solution's success is based on a current efficient API processing of all these transactions to determine if they are fraudulent. The company is growing fast, and has already started architecture design to move the stack to an edge computing solution to address more traffic and compute it near the end users. Their API component has been built on a homemade solution, and their goal is to move it on a Microservice Architecture with Laravel Octane, like other products they started since last year. Another part of the mission is to move the main fraud engine on an event based architecture to achieve more complexe and fastest fraud detection.

As the company is growing some new products can be launched, if it’s an opportunity to add value to our customers. Apart from this, the infrastructure is on AWS, and they have started to move it into Kubernetes. The tech stack is mainly made in PHP, Javascript and Node.JS.

Main Requirements:

  • PHP/Laravel
  • NoSql (Redis,DynamoDB)
  • SQL (MySql)
  • Message Queue (Kafka,RabbitMQ)
  • Architecture (Microservice, Clean Code)
  • Docker, ECS, K8s
  • Unit testing

We will love you even more if:

  • You contribute actively to the community
  • You organize or promote local meetups and coding events and you are involved with the local community of developers.


  • Competitive compensation package
  • Remote work & flexible working hours
  • Hardware of your choice
  • Sponsorship for top-tier international conferences and seminars

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