Secrets to building a team of excellence

Building a team of excellence, secrets on how to.

in Software development, IT strategyBy Daniela Ribeiro, Software Engineer

Unmotivated teams can put businesses at risk because they limit the delivery capacity and potential success of the team. If the entire group is not bought in, working to accomplish the company’s goals, then the team’s full potential will never be realized.

A dedicated team is key to producing client satisfaction and business continuity and is formed from an environment of safe and trusting communication. Communication increases motivation within team members which thus increases their productivity and the work they produce.

Discussions are essential since they allow people to share their views while bringing the best outcome. Through discussions, team members are able to teach and learn from each other. Even still, multiple factors affect performance, and we, as team members, need to remain focused and remove the noise that may distract from our mission.

All viewpoints are valuable, and it is critical to have a transparent communication process in place, where all are encouraged to speak regardless of their seniority. A good practice is to promote a culture of continuous feedback and improvement. By breaking down the barriers of business hierarchy and allowing for all voices to be heard, we at Hexis have fostered an environment where everyone can talk freely and share their thoughts about specific tasks and work. This allows Hexis to further succeed in completing tasks for clients because the communication has strengthened our teamwork and collaboration skills among employees.

Constructive feedback tends to follow a more formal meeting type, where the speech must be clear and caring. Receiving feedback may be difficult for some, but understanding what others think and how they feel about our actions is vital to develop the best work environment and to become a top-performing team. Constructive feedback sessions also allow the team to bond and solve any issue at hand, where everybody keeps a positive attitude of 'don't take it personally'!

As a result of these productive discussions, team members will enjoy increased confidence, improved communication, and greater motivation. At Hexis, the results are clearly seen in the code developed, the speed of delivery and our client satisfaction.

Personally, as a front-end software developer, I had the opportunity to work in different organizations and team environments in the past. I feel blessed and lucky to have been close to my team members. The companies I have worked for, and especially in Hexis, promote transparent communication at all levels, including leadership. Unfortunately, not all things go smoothly, as egos can at times serve as barriers to productivity. In these scenarios, it is essential that this openness and ability to change, does not trigger a problem that leads to changes in a team, ultimately affecting software deliveries.

Transparency is also essential regarding target views of the company as a whole, where the CEO details the financial results of the past year and sets goals for the upcoming year. This milestone sets the momentum for the entire company to work towards the same purpose and focus in achieving the best software products for our clients. The importance of applying the right methodologies and following project meetings, with teams in constant communication, translates into consistent development progress and tremendous results.

Goal setting experience shows how communication and transparency affect success, not only of a specific IT team, but also of the entire business. Personally, the most important parts of the above example are communication, feedback, realignment of expectations, and transparency.


There is not a solution model that fits all, regardless if it is a Nearshore or other software delivery model. This advice applies regardless of the kind of team that you are working with. Relying on agile methodologies and transparent communication processes indeed yields the best outcome to achieve common goals while having a fantastic work environment. I enjoy the views over this subject, and Jim Stoneham, CMO at Stripe, has fascinating articles in Medium that are also worth looking into.

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