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The Challenge

Our client is a prominent tech consulting firm. They provide CTO services to businesses that need both a robust IT strategy, as well as a team to execute it. One of their larger customers required a full tech scale up, to turn IT into a growth center for their organisation. Problematically, they had a very aggressive deadline with extremely ambitious goals. As such, our client turned to Hexis for support, so they could confidently deliver the project to their customer on time and within budget.

Our Approach

We conducted an initial consultation with our client to understand the full scope of the project, as well as the business culture of their end customer. We were able to build a strong rapport with both companies, which proved to be key in gaining trust and accelerating the flow of work. Due to the complex tech solutions required, we were keen to prove the cultural synergy between us and our client. Aside from understanding the project scope and success criteria, we also wanted to mitigate any issues that could block deliverables. So, our customer embedded their in-house team within Hexis for a few days, getting a feel for our vision and energetic approach to problem solving. The outcome could not have been better! Our client’s team was instantly impressed and very taken by our enthusiasm, motivation and high standard of development skills.

We then quickly assembled a dedicated team of developers with the right expertise for this specific job. Serving as a true extension of our client’s in-house team, we were able to deliver solutions in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken them to do on their own. What our client valued most in our extended team-as-a-service was having complete trust in Hexis. They required a loyal, autonomous team that they could count on for the long term. Knowing that we have a high retention rate of talent, at 95%, gave them that confidence. In addition, being a nearshore company meant that Hexis was able to deliver beyond the client’s expectations, at a competitive rate.


Today, the project has evolved beyond senior developers and a team leader. Hexis has now become the technology partner for future projects with this client and they continue to benefit from using our extended teams-as-a-service.

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